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8 Port Analog Phone Line Simulator (FXS)
Part number CH-8FXS (Basic Feature Set)
CH-8FXS-A (Advanced Feature Set)
Basic Feature Set Advanced Feature Set
$2200 + S&H

$2300 + S&H

8 Port Analog Phone Line Simulator (FXS)
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One of the most feature rich PSTN simulator on the market. Unit has 8 analog phone lines (FXS) making it a perfect tool for testing VoIP gateways, IVR, V.90 modems, RAS servers, audio conference bridges or anything that requires analog phone lines.
Optional 2 port T1/E1/PRI module provides non-blocking switching among FXS ports and any of T1/E1/PRI B-channels or Time slots.
Telephone line simulator acts like a "telephone company in a box" providing dialtone, ring voltage and all advanced phone line features such Caller ID, Call Waiting, Call Hold, Three Way Calling and many others.

No only it can precisely simulate those features, it allows user to change or customize most of the call parameters such as call progress frequencies or voltage levels with a powerful Windows based management software.

Telephone line simulator is perfect tool to demonstrate functionality of any CPE that require analog phone line such as Fax machines or Fax Servers, V.90 modems, alarm systems, RAS servers, Voice mail servers.

Simulator is capable of simulating not only North American phone lines also several European standards including British Telecom.

Powerful real time logging capability allows saving call progress events to a file and analyzing those offline for troubleshooting.

Number of Ports
8 FXS Ports (Loop Start)

Interface type
FXS: RJ-11/45 8-pin modular connector

Numbering Options
User defined phone numbers

Programmable Line Parameters (FXS)
Call Progress Tones freq. and levels
Call Progress Timeouts
Dial Tone & Stutter Dial Tone
Line Impedance
Polarity Reversal (Metering, Connect/Disconnect supervision)
Metering Tones
Network Delays
On/Off Flash Hook Timing
Ring Frequency & Cadence
Ringing Voltage
Loop Start
In/Out Amplification

Programmable Line Features (FXS)
DTMF Generation
Hot Line Ringdown
Phone Numbers
Pulse/Tone Detection

Line Impairments (Advanced Feature Set only)
Configurable Delays up to 500ms
Near Echo
White Noise (Gaussian)

Caller ID Features
Programmable Names (CID)
DTMF Caller ID
Support for International Caller ID standards
Caller ID with Call Waiting

Message Waiting Indicator
FSK (V.23 or Bell 202)
Stutter Dialtone
Neon Lamp (90VDC)

CLASS Features
Automatic Callback
Automatic Recall
Call Forward
Call Waiting Tone & Operation
Three Way Calling

PBX Features
Hunt Group Operation
"Meet-me" conference calls
Music on Hold (MOH)
Call Forwarding
3-Way Calling

Other Line Features
Audio Line Monitoring (*)
Hook Flash Recognition
Precise Call Progress Tones

(*) not available on SIM-2FXS-A and SIM-4FXS-A

Hardware Options
This simulator can be equipped
with an optional modules:
MOD-2PRI (2 port T1/E1/PRI module)
MOD-2FXO (2 port FXO)
MOD-2DID (2 port DID)

Management Interface
Serial COM Port - DB9
"PSTN Manager" Win32 Application

Supplementary Services
DNIS, ANI support
Caller ID

Operating Environment
Windows 2000/XP
Note: PC only required for setup of required configuration

Dimensions: 5"L X 6"W X 2"H

( 12.7cm X 15.24cm X 5.08cm )

Weight: 1 lb ( 500g )

Power Requirement: 110V/220V

Storage: -40 to +40C
Operating: 0 to 40C
Humidity: Max 85%

Power Supply

Type: Wall mount, external
Input: 220V, 110V (US, Canada)
Output: 20V AC, 1A
2.5 mm jack
UL Certified

Virtual Console warrants the product to be free of defects in workmanship and materials for a period of 1 year.


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8 port Phone Line Simulator