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20 Port Compact Flash Card Duplicator
Part number FCD-CF-20
$3500 + S&H

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Flash Card Duplicator allows one Master CF Flash Card to be simultaneously duplicated to 20 CF Flash Cards.

Flash Card/Drive Duplicator is a standalone device and does not require PC to operate.
Unit comes with Windows based software (aka FCD Manager) that can be used for monitoring and reporting but it is not required for duplication.

Flash Drive Duplicator can be managed over USB or FastEthernet Port. Unit does provide single button operation to Stat or Stop copying process.

Duplicator is not using Linux or Windows operating system internally. It is based on custom embedded OS and contains multiple independent processors for parallel duplication on all the ports.

Number of Ports:  20
Maximum Duplication Speed per Port:  7MB/s (MegaBytes per Second)
Total Duplicator Bandwidth:  140MB/s (MegaBytes per Second)
Duplication of 20 pcs of 512MB Card:  73 seconds
Flash Card Types Supported:  CF I, CF II, MicroDrive
Max. Card Size Supported:  Unlimited
Automatic sizing and size checking:  Yes
Custom/Partial Size duplication:  Yes
Smart Duplication (Files only):  Yes
Verification:  Yes
Low level erase (DoD 5220.22-M):  Yes
Standalone Operation:  Yes
Comprehensive Logs and Reports:  Yes
Duplication of none-standard file systems:  Yes
Single button control:  Yes
Friendly Win32 GUI Interface (optional):  Yes
Stackable operation:  Yes (IP multicast)
Max. Number of Duplicators in Stack:  100
Management Ports:  USB, Fast Ethernet
Multicast Duplication via TCP/IP:  Yes (in development)
Ethernet:  Yes. 10/100 Fast Ethernet, RJ45
USB:  Yes. USB 2.0 Full speed.
Serial:  DB9, 115kbps
Encryption support:  AES 256bit (sold separately)

IP Multicast Duplication (In development)
IP Multicast duplication is the feature designed for large-volume duplication business which allows one FCD unit to send data to hundreds of other FCD units via IP Multicast protocol.
This feature require all FCD to be connected to Ethernet switch or Hub.

Smart Duplication
Smart Duplication takes advantage of knowledge of file system being used in Flash Card (FAT16 or FAT32) and copies only actual files, rather than creating a full binary copy of the Master Card.

FCD unit can be configured to perform verification of duplicated cards after duplication is complete.

Operating Environment
Windows 2000/XP
Note: PC is only required for monitoring, not required for operation.

Dimensions: 9"L X 12"W X 3.5"H

( 22.86cm X 30.48cm X 8.89cm )

Weight: 8 lb ( 4000g )

Power Requirement: 110V/220V

Power Supply

External, Input 110/220V, Output 20V 4A

Duplicator Management Software     

Flash Card/DriveTester for Windows    

Virtual Console warrants the product to be free of defects in workmanship and materials for a period of 1 year.


Policies and Procedures For Refunds, Repairs and Exchanges
Question: Does this unit require PC for duplication?
Answer: No. All of our duplicators are standalone and do not require PC to operate.
Question: What is the maximum card/drive size that duplicator can copy?
Answer: There is no limit.
Question: Can duplicator copy Read-only CDFS partition on USB flash drives?
Answer: No
Question: Can duplicator copy Linux formatted flash cards/drives.
Answer: Yes. We can copy any file systems because duplication is done on sector level and is not filesystem dependant.
Question: Is there a duplication speed difference when copying 1 or 60 flash cards/drives?
Answer: No difference.
Question: Do we have to purchase any additional software for duplicator?
Answer: All software comes with unit free of charge.
Question: How many insertion/removal cycles USB port can hold?
Answer: 10,000 insertion/removal cycles per USB port.
Question: What Operating system is being used inside duplicator?
Answer: It is a custom embedded OS what is not based on Windows or Linux.
Question: Can USB duplicator copy USB flash drives that have different sizes?
Answer: Yes, but duplicator will not modify partitions that are being copied.
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CF Duplicator for Compact Flash cards